October 22,2013

I slept through a lot of my Philippine History and Geography classes in high school (I blame the school for scheduling the class after lunch),which explains why I'm a bit hazy on the subject.Still,on the rare occasions that I was awake,我确实注意到了。One thing that always stuck in my mind was the lesson about Negros,以及它是如何成为菲律宾的糖都的。Undoubtedly,this is where Bogs Brew,a small brewery in Bacolod,takes its cue.

BB Bogs Primo

Bogs Brew prides itself in making beer that reflects the spirit of Negros,一个岛,糖在它的人的血管里流动Basithat they drink.Currently,the brewery has two products,the eponymous Bogs Brew and the Primo.Both ales make use of the NegrosIsland sugar.

While the beers they make have been pretty popular in Bacolod for a while,在过去的几年里,他们也在马尼拉巡演。今天,我们要对这两种啤酒的内格罗风味进行取样。

Bogs Brew

BB Bogsbrew

啤酒装在350毫升的瓶子里。倒进玻璃杯里,you're greeted with a nice amber color.Plenty of leftover residue can be seen in the beer and there was also so much bubbling going on that I got caught up just watching the bubbles push the residue up and down for several minutes.

On your first drink,一下子,the beer hits you with a strong hoppy flavor.苦味不会持续太久,though,and you then get to taste the sweet notes come through.就像在你的啤酒里溶解了一点太妃糖。我的主要问题是过度的碳酸化和身体的缺乏。这两个因素都使啤酒花压倒了味道。

Still,it's a decent drink,而且价格比很多主要的商业啤酒品牌都要高。The addition of the molasses-like flavor also adds an interesting dimension.


BB Primo

Primo被标记为all-grain"啤酒,presumably since it doesn't use any malt extracts.谷物的混合使用包括大麦,organic rice,and corn.It feels good to know that even local beer is trying to go organic,too.

This beer comes in the same bottle as Bogs Brew,但当倒进玻璃杯时,它是一种温暖的金色。There was still a lot of bubbling going on,but it wasn't as overly carbonated as its brother.There was also virtually zero residue.

An interesting note on the aroma of this brew is that it reminded me of overripe or caramelized pineapples.The same note could also be found in the aftertaste of the drink,like a hint of sweet pineapple jam.我猜野蜂蜂蜜和麝香糖有助于为这种饮料带来独特的甜味和汤汁。

Personally,I liked the Primo better than the Bogs Brew.它更加平衡,轻微的跳跃感有助于其他味道的散发。

Overall,两种啤酒都是不错的饮料,每瓶售价70比索左右。Drinking the brew also made me more curious as to how well it would fare when enjoyed with the native cuisine of Negros (which is already famous in its own right).

Bogs Brew在代表Negros遗产方面做得非常出色,and makes a great addition to the其他工艺酿造we have going around.当他们在瓶子上申报时,这饮料是友谊的一种,乐趣,and flavor.我不能再同意了。

Have you tried Bogs Brew?Know of any other local craft beers that we need to try?Let us know in the comments!!

Bogs Brew and Primo
Comes in 350 mL Bottles (approximately 5% alcohol)
and Global Beer Exchange,马加拉大教堂(如有)

Nico Goco Nico Goco

尼科是一名工程师,对食物很有兴趣,drink,烹饪。这与他减肥的愿望严重冲突。写作是他确保大脑右侧正常工作的出口。When free,he likes to read,travel,培养了十几种不同的爱好。他还相信完美的炸鸡是任何东西的解药。

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  1. Lars Roxas 说:


    • Nico Goco 说:

      Impressive nga yung pour.只是没有泡沫太多,but i was surprised he took time to filter out sediments.

    • Mikka Wee 说:

      Onga eh!木汗橙汁!和合河。开玩笑吧。Looks like a nice,cold glass of Ballast Point IPA!Yummmm.

  2. 莫林·安托瓦内特 说:

    I am going to Bacolod next month —- will try both!🙂

  3. 马克 说:

    SWEET BABY JESUS!我一小时后就要去巴科洛德了!Something to look forward to!Thank you so much!!我在哪里可以买到这种颜色的??

  4. Noni Cabrera 说:

    They have these in GBE yeah?I think they do.

  5. 莫林·安托瓦内特 说:

    This just in: they are available in QC!🙂 Check out my friend's place:

    SGTEsguerra Ave.
    (Near Wil's Events Place)


  6. […] of the good ones I've tried are Fat Pauly's (they have this incredible Pumpkin Ale!),Bogs Brew,and Katipunan Craft […]

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